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Mycenean Star Fire Chalice

The chalice is a wholly female symbol which has always been emblematic of the womb, the extract from divine menstrual blood which was revered as life giving “Star Fire”.

The menstrual Star Fire (Elixir Rubeus) of the goddess, being essentially regarded as fluid intelligence, was symbolically represented as the All-seeing eye, or as the fiery cross of the Rosicrucis, precisely as depicted in the Mark of Cain.

Star Fire was associated with therapeutic healing, and is used today by the International Red Cross Agency.

In strict terms, the original Star Fire was the lunar essence of the Goddess, but even in a mundane environment menstruum contains the most valuable endocrinal secretions, particularly those of the pineal and pituitary glands. Interestingly (whether in fact or fiction), clotted menstrual blood has been literally portrayed as being collected by some medicine women of the Australian Outback, for it is reckoned to have extraordinary healing properties for open wounds. In mystic circles, the menstrual flow-er (she who flows) has long been designated ‘flower’, represented as lily or lotus. The brain’s pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life, for this tiny gland was said to secrete the ‘nectar of supreme excellence’- the very substance of active longevity called soma or ambrosia by the ancient Greeks.

This hand painted chalice is also available personalized with the owner’s name.

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